Each of the brilliant film characters Jeffrey Combs performed deserves photos / gifs: here they are!

updated on July 28, 2015

I was so curious how the different film characters of Jeffrey Combs look like. Unfortunately, there are a few roles about which I could not find a photo, video or gif.

When you want to search photos of a special movie, series or short film, please press the button "Ctrl" together with the button "F" on your keyboard. Then you can type the term you are searching for.

I wish you as much fun as I had while finding these great photos of Jeffrey Combs' more than awesome and unforgettable performances.

Here they are: (in chronological order)

Film / Movies

Film or movie Details Links
"Honky-Tonk Freeway" as "Drive-in Bank Teller" (Actor in 1981)
"Whose Life Is It Anyway" as "The 1st Year Intern" (Actor in 1983)
"Frightmare" as "Stu aka The Horror Star" (Actor in 1983)
"The Man With Two Brains" as "Dr. Jones" (Actor in 1983)
"The Skin of Our Teeth (American Playhouse)" as "Henry Antrobus" (Actor 1983)
"Re-Animator" as "Dr. Herbert West" (Actor 1985)
"From Beyond" as "Crawford Tillinghast" (Actor 1986)
"Cyclone (Tornado)" as "Rick Davenport" (Actor 1987)
"Cellar Dweller (Underground Werewolf)" as "Colin Childress" (Actor 1988)
"Dead Man Walking" as "Chaz" (Actor 1988)
"The Phantom Empire" as "Andrew Paris" (Actor 1989)
"Bride of Re-Animator" as "Dr. Herbert West" (Actor 1990)
"Robot Jox" as "Prole #1 aka Spectator #1" (Actor 1990)
"Death Falls" as "Lonnie Hawks" (Actor 1991)
"The Guyver: Mutronics" as "Dr. East" (Actor 1991)
"The Pit and the Pendulum" as "Francisco aka The Inquisitor" (Actor 1991)
"Trancers II" as "Dr. Pyle" (Actor 1991)
"Doctor Mordrid" as "Dr. Anton Mordrid" (Actor 1992)
"Fortress" as "D-Day" (Actor 1993)
"Necronomicon" as "H.P. Lovecraft" (Actor 1993)
"Love And A .45" as "Dinosaur Bob" (Actor 1994)
"The Lurking Fear" as "Dr. Haggis" (Actor 1994)
"Castle Freak" as "John Reilly" (Actor 1995)
"Cyberstalker" as "Andy Coberman aka Digital Prophet" (Actor 1995)
"Dillinger and Capone" as "Gilroy" (Actor 1995)
"Felony" as "Bill Knight" (Actor 1995)
"Norma Jean and Marilyn" as "Montgomery Clift" (Actor 1996)
"The Frighteners" as "Spc. Agent Milton Dammers" (Actor 1996)
"Snide & Prejudice" as "The Therapist Meissner" (Actor 1997)
"Time Tracers" as "Dr. Carrington" (Actor 1997)
"Caught Up" as "The Security Guard" (Actor 1998)
"I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" as "Joseph Brooks" (Actor 1998)
"Spoiler" as "The Captain" (Actor 1998)
"House on Haunted Hill" as "Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt" (Actor 1999)
"Contagion" as "Brown" (Actor 2001) unfortunately no photo found
"Faust: Love of the Damned" as "Captain Dan Margolies" (Actor 2001)
"The Attic Expedition / Horror in the Attic" as "Dr. Ek" (Actor 2001)
"Feardotcom" as "Detective Sykes" (Actor 2002)
"Pulse Pounders Vol. 1 - The Evil Clergyman" as "The Evil Clergyman" (Actor 2002)
"Beyond Re-Animator" as "Dr. Herbert West" (Actor 2003)
"All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos" as "Thomas White" (Actor 2005)
"Edmond" as "The Desk Clerk" (Actor 2005)
"Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy" as "Dr. Preston King" (Actor 2005)
"Voodoo Moon" as "Frank Taggert" (Actor 2005)
"Abominable" as "Buddy aka The Clerk" (Actor 2006)
"Aliens Gone Wild" as "Role unkown" (Actor 2006) unfortunately no photo found
"Blackwater Valley Exorcism" as "Sheriff Jimmy" (Actor 2006)
"Satanic" as "Detective Joyner" (Actor 2006)
"Brutal" as "Sheriff Jimmy Fleck" (Actor 2007)
"Return to House on Haunted Hill" as "Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt" (Actor 2007)
"Stuck" as "The Operator" (Actor / Voice Actor 2007)
  • no photo available, because Jeffrey Combs has only a voice-role in it; here you can hear him: - Stuck
"The Wizard of Gore" as "The Geek" (Actor 2007)
"Big Sky" as "Kevin Meselet" (Actor 2008) unfortunately no photo found
"Parasomnia" as "Detective Garrett" (Actor 2008)
"Dark House" as "Walston Rey" (Actor 2009)
"American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James" as "Ed Bass" (Actor 2010)
"Urgency" as "Sumner Cavic" (Actor 2010)
"Dorothy and the Witches of Oz" as "Frank Baum" (Actor 2012)
"Elf-Man" as "Mikey" (Actor 2012)
"Night of the Living Dead 3D-Re-Animation" as "Harold Tovar" (Actor 2012)
"Would You Rather" as "Shepard Lambrick" (Actor 2012)
"Motivational Growth" as "The Mold" (Vocal Actor 2012 / 2013)
"Favor" as "Ted Harrison" (Actor 2013)
"The Penny Dreadful Picture Show" as "Brady" (Actor 2013)
"Suburban Gothic" as "Dr. Carpenter" (Actor 2014)
"Beethoven's Treasure Tail" as "Fritz Bruchschnauser" (Actor 2014)
"Art School of Horrors" as "Olmstead" (Actor 2014)
"Unbelievable!!!!!" as "Male Larrisha" (Actor 2014)
  • photo: Jeffrey Combs on the set (unfortunately I have found no photo while he is playing Male Larrisha):

Short film

Short film Details Links
"Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright" as "Hyer" (Actor 1996)
"Poseidon's Fury: Escape From The Lost City" as "Lord Darkennon" in 2001 reboot (Actor 1999) unfortunately no photo found
"California Eddie" as "Eddie's Dad" (Actor 2007) unfortunately no photo found
"The Attackmen" as "Mr. Simms" (Actor 2007)
"The United Monster Talent Agency" as "Wolman's Cameraman" (Actor 2010) unfortunately no photo found
"A Tortured Soul with Jeffrey Combs" as "Jeffrey Combs" (Actor 2012) unfortunately no photo found - but he should look like himself
"Who Is The Question?" as "Jeffrey Combs" (Actor 2013) unfortunately no photo found - but he should look like himself

TV movie

TV movie Details Links
"Tranformers Prime Beast Hunters" as "Ratchet" (Vocal Actor 2013)

TV series

TV series Details Links
"The Mississippi" as "Jeff" (Actor 1983) unfortunately no photo found
"Beauty And The Beast" as "Python" (Actor 1987)
"Houston Knights" as "Frank Stark" (Actor 1987)
"Jake And The Fat Man" as "Allen Shuba" (Actor 1988) unfortunately no photo found
"Freddy's Nightmares" as "Ralph" (Actor 1989)
"Hunter" as "James Wilkens" (Actor 1991) unfortunately no photo found
"Life Goes On" as "Burk Clifton" (Actor 1991) unfortunately no photo found
"The Flash" as "Jimmy Swain" (Actor 1991)
"Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero" as "Roger Shector" and as "Shek" (Actor 1994)
"Babylon 5" as "Harriman Gray" (Actor 1994)
"Sisters" as "Derek Cotts" (Actor 1984) unfortunately no photo found
"Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine)" as "Tiron" (Actor 1994)
"The Single Guy" as "Klein" (Actor 1996)
"New Batman Superman Adventures" as "Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow" (Vocal Actor 1997)
  • photo of Scarecrow, who is spoken by the awesome Jeffrey Combs:
"Perversions of Science" as "Prisoner #50557" (Actor 1987)
"Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine)" as "Officer Kevin Mulkahey" (Actor 1998)
"Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine)" as "The Holographic Cameo (in Vic's Lounge)" (Actor 1999)
"The Net" as "Max Copernicus" (Actor 1999)
"Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine)" as "Brunt (Ferengi)" (Actor 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999)
"Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine)" as "Weyoun" (Actor 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)
"FreakyLinks" as "The Coroner" (Actor 2000)
"Martial Law" as "Anton Tremble" (Actor 2000) unfortunately no photo found
"Star Trek: Voyager" as "Penk" (Actor 2000)
"Star Trek: Enterprise" as "Krem (Ferengi)" (Actor 2002)
"Spider-Man" as "The Professor" (Vocal Actor 2003) unfortunately no photo found
"CSI - Crime Scene Investigation" as "Dr. Dale Sterling" (Actor 2003)
"She Spies" as "Indigo / Henri LaFontaine" (Actor 2003)
"Spider-Man" as "Dr. Zellner" (Vocal Actor 2003)
  • photo of "Dr. Zellner", fantastically spoken by Jeffrey Combs - I think it should be the man on the right side on the photo:
"The Twilight Zone" as "Harry Raditch" (Actor 2003)
"Justice League Unlimited" as "Dr. Moon" (Vocal Actor 2005)
  • photo of "Dr. Moon", spoken by the great Jeffrey Combs:
"The Batman" as "Chlorogene Employee" (Vocal Actor 2005) unfortunately no photo found
"The Batman" as "Officer #1" (Vocal Actor 2005) unfortunately no photo found
"Star Trek: Enterprise" as "Thy'lek Shran" (Actor 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
"Justice League Unlimited" as "The Assistant" (Vocal Actor 2006) unfortunately no photo found
"Justice League Unlimited" as "The Question" (Vocal Actor 2004, 2005, 2006)
"Justice League Unlimited" as "Vic Sage" (Vocal Actor 2004, 2005, 2006)
  • photo (Vic Sage as the first Question):
"Super Robot Monkey" as "Gyrus Krinkle" (Vocal Actor 2004, 2006)
"Masters of Horror: The Black Cat" as "Edgar Allan Poe" (Actor 2007)
"The 4400" as "Kevin Burkhoff" (Actor 2005, 2006, 2007)
"Cold Case" as "Sly Borden" (Actor 2008)
"The Brave and the Bold" as "Kite Man" (Vocal Actor 2009)
  • photo of "Kite Man", spoken by Jeffrey Combs:
"The Dunwich Horror" as "Wilbur Whatelex" (Actor 2009)
"Chadam" as "Viceroy" (Vocal Actor 2010)
  • photo with "Viceroy", who is spoken by the fabulous Jeffrey Combs:
"The Witches of Oz (Mini Series)" as "Frank Baum" (Actor 2011)
"Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" as "H.P. Hatecraft" (Vocal Actor 2010, 2011)
"Femme Fatales" as "The Interrogator" (Vocal Actor 2012)
  • photo - I think it is the character he voiced:
"Thundercats" as "The Soul Server" (Vocal Actor 2012)
  • photo of "The Soul Server", voiced by the outstanding Jeffrey Combs:
"The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" as "Samuel Sterns aka The Leader" (Vocal Actor 2010, 2012)
  • photo of "Samuel Sterns aka The Leader", fantastically spoken by Jeffrey Combs:
"Doom Patrol" as "Morden" and "The Chief" (Vocal Actor 2013)
"Transformers Prime" as "Ratchet" (Vocal Actor 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels" as "Dr. Victor Falco" (Vocal Actor 2012, 2013)
  • photo with "Dr. Victor Falco", voiced by Jeffrey Combs:
"Ben 10: Ominverse" as "Kuphulu" (Vocal Actor 2014)
  • photo of "Kuphulu", spoken by the beloved Jeffrey Combs:
"Criminal Minds" as "John Nichols" (Actor 2014)
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels" as "Rat King" (Vocal Actor 2013, 2014)
"Gotham" as "Office Manager" (Actor 2015)

I wish a lot amusing time with these photos, gifs, videos and curiosity for Jeffrey Combs' entertaining performances in his movies, films and episodes.

All the best,
Yours Gabi

Find your new favorite Jeffrey Combs movie - based on your preferences

Almost every year the talented Jeffrey Combs played one or even more character(s) in different movies (and series).

So, he played and plays so many different unique roles that it seems to be impossible to watch them all.

Here I try to help you to find out which of them could be very interesting for you.

Are you ready to find your maybe new favourite movie(s) with one of the best actors nowadays: Jeffrey Combs?

A short advice:
You have 7 questions. You can always just choose one answer possibility. Every number of the answer you chose is a new number for your code. Write the numbers down in the order you chose them so that you get a code with 7 ordered numbers - you will need it for the result later on.

date of last update: 07/14/2015

  • 1st number:
    Which genre do you prefer?
    1. horror / thriller
    2. comedy
    3. black humor
    4. science fiction
    5. action
    6. fantasy
    7. drama
    8. western
    9. romance

  • 2nd number:
    What is most important to you in a movie with Jeffrey Combs?
    1. Jeffrey Combs' fantastic voice
    2. Jeffrey Combs' brilliant performance
    3. His awesome voice AND his fabulous performance

  • 3rd number:
    Jeffrey Combs is very versatile - but do you prefer him as good or bad guy?
    1. as good guy
    2. as bad guy
    3. I don't prefer any of both.

  • 4th number:
    Jeffrey Combs on the screen all the time or in a short and memorable role - what do you want?
    1. Jeffrey Combs must be in a lead role.
    2. I don't care about that point.

  • 5th number:
    Which end should Jeffrey Combs' character have?
    1. a happy end
    2. a bad end
    3. I don't care, it's important that he's part of the film.

  • 6th number:
    We always love Jeffrey Combs, no matter how his make-up, hair or clothing looks like. Nevertheless, there might be some outer appearance that is important to you...
    1. with beard or mustache
    2. without any kind of beard
    3. I haven't got any wish.
    4. with long hair
    5. with mid-long hair
    6. with short hair
    7. wearing tight, leather clothing or casual clothes
    8. wearing a suit or something very similar
    9. with glasses

  • 7th number:
    Jeffrey Combs can show so many different facets - but which one of the following do you like best?
    1. I enjoy it when he's arrogant and dominant.
    2. He can be so sweet - it should be one of his cute roles.
    3. It's something special when he plays romantic or erotic scenes - they should be part of the movie.
    4. Shouting, jumping, moving - the most important thing is that he is bubbly and spirited.
    5. Erotic might be nice, but I'd really like to watch a movie where I can see (a bit) of Jeffrey Combs' naked skin.

Alright, do you've got a seven-digit code? Then, switch over to this page and see your result: Results.

Anyway, I hope you had fun with this little test!

All the best

Note: The series and short movies Jeffrey Combs played in are not listed in the results, as well as the following movies: "Honky-Tonk Freeway", "Death Falls", "Cyberstalker", "Norma Jean and Marylin: Documentary", "Time Tracers", "Aliens Gone Wild", "Big Sky" and "The Penny Dreadful Picture Show". They may be added later on.

This test is for entertainment only. The choosen criteria and the individual criteria match of the movies are only based on the information I found or on my personal impression of the movie. This test makes no claim to be complete.

Jeffrey Combs' other great passion: the National Football League's Seattle Seahawks - the current champions

We all love the splendid actor Jeffrey Combs and we admire his awesome, professional and mesmerizing performances. But such a great and indefatigable actor - one of the best actors nowadays - has of course also a private life and other passions.

And we all know one of his other passions: Jeffrey Combs is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks - the current champions of American Football.

One of the reason could be that Jeffrey Combs has studied at the University of Washington in Seattle in the Professional Actor's Training Program for three years. So Seattle means a lot to him, as well as the American Football Team, the Seattle Seahawks. There is an important part of the life of this actor which is public and I - as a German woman - unfortunately didn't know much about: the Seattle Seahawks.

So I accepted the challenge and tried to find out why this football team is so great and famous. While working with articles about this great football-team I became excited to. I must admit - it is a fascinating sport and a more fascinating American Football team and the Seattle Seahawsk have a lot of fans in Germany and all over the world too - just like Jeffrey Combs.

Jeffrey Combs tweets about the "Seattle Seahawks"

In Twitter, Jeffrey Combs tweeted things like...
General information about the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks: an American Football team / club in the National Football League (NFL)
Nickname: the Hawks
Naming: within a public competition - 20,000 people took part, there were more than 1,700
              suggestions for the name of this new founded American football team
Location: in Seattle in the state of Washington
Founded: 4th of June, 1974
Joined the National Football League (NFL) for the first time: 1976
Color of the team: Seahawks-blue, darkblue, lightgreen, white
Football shirt number only for fans: number 12 for "The Fans"
Owner: Paul Allen
General Manager: John Schneider
Head Coach: Peter Clay "Pete" Carroll
One of the most famous players: the Runningback Marshawn Lynch (nickname: Beastmode)
                                                - known for his famous "Beast-Quake", the great 67-Yards-

Achievements of the Seattle Seahawks

Winner of the National Football League (NFL) - 1 time -
          Year: 2014 / 2013 (February) (XLVIII) - Super Bowl Winner!!! Congratulations!!!
          The Seattle Seahawks won against Denver Broncos 43:8!!!
Winner of the National Football Converence (NFC) - 2 times -
          Years: 2005, 2013
Winner of the Western Division (NFC West) - 6 times -
          Years: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013
Winner of the Western Division (AFC West) - 2 times -
          Years: 1988, 1999

The highlights of the Super Bowl Game in February 2014

A photo with the Seattle Seahawks as the Super Bowl Champions

YouTube-video with the highlights: - Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos (Highlights)

Football league of the Seattle Seahawks

Since 2002 (and in the year 1976), they play(ed) in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Western Division (NFC West) within the National Football League (NFL with 32 professional football teams).

But in the year 1977 till 2001, they were in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Western Division (AFC West) within the National Football League (NFL).

Why are the Seattle Seahawks so great, fascinating and exciting?

I've read a lot about this great American football-team written by loyal fans. But there are always similar answers:

The Seattle Seahawks is and was a Football Team with superlatives. In the past, their plays showed records - good ones as well as unfortunately: bad ones. The Seattle Seahawks had to go through so much ups and downs that they surprise in every game. The result of a game with the American Football team of the Seattle Seahawks was never really foreseeable. So the American Football games with this team is and was always extremely exciting. Starting as an outsider American Football team with supposed no real chances against the other big, already succesfull American Football teams, they fought and fought and are now the Super Bowl Winner! The football experts were not confident that the Seattle Seahawks are able to win against the great American Football teams - but they made it! What a surprise and what a joy! Great respect to this American Football team and its performance: the Seattle Seahawks.

Another reason for enormous popularity of the American Football Team Seattle Seahawks is the heat up vibe in the stadium during a football game of this team. It's a two-fisted 60-minutes game and the audience cheers for the players. During the game the air vibrates, the volume is loud, the audience is focused on the game and the vibe is intoxicating in the stadium with the Seattle Seahawks. In December 2014 as well as in the year 2011, the fans of the Seattle Seahawks have caused minor earthquakes around the stadium while they cheered after a great play.

The reason to be a fan of American football is the admiration for the performance of these athletes. American Football is a very hard game and needs a lot of mental and physical training. It is great to watch them using their outstanding skills. Often the Seattle Seahawks fans do not only love this American Football club but also the play of the individual athletes in this team.

It is naturally that all people who live in Seattle and its neighborhood want their hometown American Football team to be the best and the winner. As already mentioned above also Jeffrey Combs lived a few years in Seattle. He has studied for three years at the University of Washington in Seattle in the Professional Actor's Training Program. So Seattle means a lot to him, as well as the American Football Team, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seattle Seahawks in the web (Official Seattle Seahawks Website) - Seattle Seahawks - Seattle Seahawks - Seattle Seahawks Fans (German Seattle Seahawks Fanclub)

Sources / further information - Seattle Seahawks (German) (German) (German) (German) - History of the Seattle Seahawks (German)

Please do not hit me when I made mistakes ;-) - but please, let me know what's wrong. Thanks!

I wish you all a fantastic first weekend in the new year!
Yours, Gabi