Some words about the awesome actor Jeffrey Combs:

He is well known as Dr. Herbert West in the triology of Re-Animator. But Jeffrey Combs also plays in several other horror films, like From Beyond, Castle Freak, The Frighteners and Necronomicon.

Jeffrey Combs is also beloved for his brilliant work portraying imposing characters in the TV series Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine), Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Voyager.

He has done great work in several movies, TV series of very different genres like sci-fi, horror, dramas, comedy, fantasy, (action-)thrillers, family films, western, romance and short films.

Another great passion of Jeffrey Combs is acting on the stage in a theatre. His stage career started in a theatre and nowadays he performs in ninety minutes the one-man-show "Nevermore" about Edgar Allan Poe in several theatres in the USA.

When you have listened to his several characters in the films and TV series you will discover that Jeffrey Combs' voice changed in accordance to the person he portrayed. Because of his skills to vary his expressive, chameleonic voice he also worked as a voice actor for several re-animated films and video games.

Please look under the category Appearances for the long list of all what Jeffrey Combs has done so far. And why did he do so much?

According to Jeffrey Combs' own statement, he needs his work as an actor because he do not know what he could do with himself while he is not performing in a film or on the stage (source: Little Review). It's the wish of all persons to combine their passions with their profession. Obviously, this wish seem to have become true for the hard-working and ambitious Jeffrey Combs.

General Information

Name: Jeffrey Alan Combs
Also called: Jeff Combs
Date of Birth: 09.09.1954
Place of Birth: Oxnard, California, USA
Place of Growing-Up: Lompoc, California, USA
Siblings: some, older and younger
Family Status: married (with the actress Alice Catherine Cadogan)
Children: two daughters
Parents: came from Arkansas (spoke accent of the Southern US states)

Profession, Education and Career

Profession: American actor and voice actor
Genre: sci-fi, horror, dramas, comedy, fantasy, (action-)thrillers, family films, western, romance, short films
Main Genre: sci-fi, horror
High school: Lompoc High, graduating in 1972 (attended an actor-course there and already performed on the stage)
Actor School / College: Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, California (there he met a lot of professional theatre actors)
University: Professional Actor's Training Program at the University of Washington in Seattle (three years)
After graduating University: He started his career at different regional theatres with several acting groups, like at / with
  • Old Globe Theatre (San Diego, Arizona)
  • Theatre Company (Tucson, Arizona)
  • California Shakespearean Company
  • Mark Taper Forum (Center Theatre Group in California)
  • South Coast Repertory (Theatre company in California)
since 1981: Jeffrey Combs started acting in films and TV series.

Other Interesting Facts

Size: 5ft 7in (1.7m)
Handedness: ambidextrous
"I write and kick left. Most other things I do right. Ambidexterity Rules." (source: - Tweet by @JeffreyCombs)
Eye color: green
Visual Acuity: +8.00
Jeffrey as an author: He prefers entertaining to writing.
Jeffrey as a director: He loves to direct films, especially since he can distinguish between good and bad directors because of the experiences in his many roles. He believes, however, that he has not enough technical knowledge for a really great director. (source: Little Review - Interview with Jeffrey Combs)
Jeffrey Combs' passport: He also holds an Irish passport ( - Tweet by Jeffrey Combs)
Hobbies: reading, playing the guitar and the piano, spending time with his kids, hiking
His favoured music style: almost all kinds of music, but no disco
His favourite space species: human - without such a time-consuming mask
His favourite drink: iced green tea
Famous mistake in name: His fans grieved for him as they heard Jeffrey Combs would have died because he was said to be in the kidnapped plane which flew in the Twin Towers on 11th of September 2001. But it was the deplorable man, named Jeffrey Coombs, who died. So the actor Jeffrey Combs had to show credibly that he was actually alive. (source: DC Animated Universe Wiki - Jeffrey Combs)


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