His audience, the fans, viewers as well as the listeners would expect a large number of different awards for his chameleonic performances and voice-acting. Actually, he was nominated for three awards. In addition, he already won two different awards - and our admiration as well as our enthusiasm for his work.

He won the fan-voted-award:
  1. "Walk of Fame for Star Trek" in the Facebook group "Star Trek Walk of Fame Nominations"
    Award: - Walk of Fame Star Jeffrey Combs
    Voting results and announcement of the award: - Nominees and Winner
He was nominated for the Saturn Award twice:
  1. As the "The Best Supporting Actor" for his awesome portrayal of the eccentric special agent Dammers in Frighteners in 1997,
  2. As the "Best Supporting Actor" for his convincing character of Dr. Herbert West in 1991.
He was also nominated for the Fright Meter Award:
  1. As the "Best actor in a Leading Role of the year 2013" because of his great performance in "Would You Rather".
He was additionally nominated for the 2014 Fangoria Chainsaw Award:
  1. As the "Best Actor" for his excellent performance in "Would You Rather" - so he is member of the "Fango Hall of Fame" for 2014.
He was nominated for the San Diego Critics Circle award" in 1985:
  1. For his performance as Puck (aka: Robin Goodfellow) in the comedy play by William Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Old Globe theatre in San Diego.
He won several awards:
  1. The "Los Angeles Drama Critics Award" in 1983, during the time while he was performing at the South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, California,
  2. The "International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Hall of Fame Award" in 2008.
  3. Several "Drama-Logue Awards" for his outstanding performances on stage.


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