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published: 2019/08/19 02:03:00 pm MET

Coming events/conventions

As part of the Sleppy Hollow International Film Festival (SHIFF) Oct 10-13, 2019:

March 1-8, 2020 - appearance on the Star Trek The Cruise IV, starting in Miami with the Star Trek Rat Pack Show with Jeffrey Combs - the cruise 2020 is sold out - but you can join the waitlist- More:

Jeffrey Combs on the big sceen:

Aug 29, 2019 - »Re-Animator« on the BIG SCREEN at the Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway in Providence, Rhode Island - more:

Sept 28 and Sept 29 , 2019 - The Movie Re-Animator with Jeffrey Combs on the big screen - AFS Cinema, 6259 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752, USA - more: and


Since May 13, 2019 (and soon in many other countries of the world): Release of the documentary movie »What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Deep Space Nine« -  interviews and comments - more:

release Nov 1, 2019 - »Holiday Hell« with Jeffrey Combs in the main role as »The Shopkeeper« - teaser and more: and    

Release: end of 2019 - Jeffrey Combs performs in the episode »Bad Wolf Down« of the first season of US-Streamer Shudder‘s Creepshow. The episode is  dealing with an unusual survival-offer to a group of US-soldiers in the second World War. - More: and and

Latest interviews:

Aug 16, 2019 - »Horror Icon Jeffrey Combs Talks About New Stage Show Nevermore: An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe« - please read here:

Aug 15, 2019 - »Not your average Poe: An Audience with Jeffrey Combs by Kent Hill« - please read here:

April 16, 2019 - »Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2019 Interview: Jeffrey Combs of ‘Re-Animator’ Fame« -


Nearly 5 minutes' interview with the entertaining Jeffrey Combs at The Great Philadelphia Con 2019 (April 12-14, 2019)

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"At the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, Krazy Joe interviews actor Jeffrey Combs about his time on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and the upcoming Deep Space Nine documentary, ‘What We Left Behind’!"

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More expected releases / films in production with Jeffrey Combs:

In production - (just waiting for more details) - participation in the documentary: "Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures" (post-production)
News to the documentary project with Jeffrey Combs "Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures": "we hope to have the festival cut of the documentary completed for the late-Summer film festival circuit!"2018
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More information: Celluloid Wizards... and Celluloid Wizards...

Planned release USA: October 29, 2016 - (just waiting for more details) release of the horror / comedy movie "Art School of Horrors" with Jeffrey Combs as "Professor Olmstead"

since January 2017 - shooting of "Ginosaji: The Horribly Slow Murderer with Extremely Inefficent Weapon" -Jeffrey Combs has an important but secret role

2017/2018 – no exact release date known so far:  Jeff Ferrell’s new anthology movie  “Holiday Hell” with the  talented Jeffrey Combs in the main role More information:

second half of 2018 - release of the huge documentary "What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Documentary"
More - What We Left Behind

­čÄ«October 9, 2018 -  Launch of the PC version of Star Trek Online: "Age of Discovery" with our Jeffrey Combs, voicing Thy’kir Shran, the son of his Commander Shran character from Enterprise. "releases on consoles at a later date."
More information: More:

Release Date: October 16, 2018 (USA) - Game: Lego DC Super-Villains (2018) with Jeffrey Combs voicing Scarecrow / Kite-Man

May 2019 - release of "In Seach of Darkness - The Definitive '80s Horror Doc" with Jeffrey Combs and Re-Animator.

2020 - release of the movie "Cult of the Sorcerer Beast" with Jeffrey Combs as the "Far Seing Crow"