Coming events and releases with and around Jeffrey Combs in 2019/2020:

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A new crowdfunding-project of Jeffrey Combs!!!
NEW PERKS with Jeffrey Combs' autograph!!!
Till March 1, 2019 we can help to let this project with Jeffrey Combs asl Edgar Allan Poe become true. 
“ALONE, The Life of Poe” is an epic AUDIObiography of The American Master, Edgar Allan Poe. His life and world... - ALONE, A life of Poe

2019 - "working on a tour of Re-Animator playing with a live orchestra!" of course with Jeffrey Combs

August 4, 2019 (only Sunday)- convention appearance at the Official Star Trek Convention, Las Vegas, USA -  and at the beloved Star Trek Rat Pack Show

October 10-13, 2019 (exact date is not known so far) - performance of the beloved One-Man-Show "Nevermore - An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe" by the the outstanding Jeffrey Combs - durring the Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival "SHIFF" - at TARRYTOWN MUSIC HALL, NY 10591

 March, 1-8, 2020 - appearance on the Star Trek The Cruise IV, starting in Miama
!!! with Jeffrey Combs' legenday show: "Nevermore: An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe"!!!
and the Star Trek Rat Pack Show with Jeffrey Combs.